: DIY Custom Made Wall Murals & Wallpaper



What is Art4Walls?

Art4Walls is a fully customised DIY wallpaper and wall mural concept. We use a 100% polyester fabric product unique to Art4Walls which is self adhesive and repositionable. It can be removed with no damage to your wall providing proper preparation has been taken prior to and during painting. Art4Walls is Australian owned and operated.

Where Can I Use Art4Walls?

Most smooth surfaces are suitable for our product. This includes painted walls *, glass and tile. Art4Walls can also be used outside and in bathrooms, however you must tell us at the time of order as a different ink is used for these environments. Please note that some modern paints contain Teflon * which can reduce the adhesion properties of the product. If unsure of the paint used or if the mural lifts from the wall, small push pins can be placed in the top corner of each panel to help secure the mural to the wall.  Porous surfaces such as brick and unpainted timber are generally unsuitable for Art4Walls. We recommend that you order a sample prior to purchase.

Can I Use My Own Photo?

Absolutely! Your Creation, Your Design, Your Masterpiece! Just ensure that your image is of a high resolution and the more megapixels the better. Generally speaking this means more than 2MB.

What Size Photo is Suitable For My Wall?

Ideally, use a landscape photo for a landscape wall (width is greater than the height) and a portrait photo for a portrait wall. (height is greater than the width). Most images will require some cropping to suit your wall size which can be done on our website. 

Can I Use My Phone to Take My Image?

New smart phones can provide a good image depending on the size wallpaper or wall mural you want it enlarged to. Again the more MB the better. (You can check this in the photo details section of your phone)

Is Art4Walls a DIY Product?

You betcha. Art4Walls wallpapers and wall murals have been designed to be user friendly and simple to install. Provided you take your time and don’t rush, most walls are about a 2 hour job. A second pair of hands is a BIG advantage. Refer to our Installation Guide for a step-by-step rundown.

Is Art4Walls Kid-Friendly?

Yes. We use odourless, non-toxic water based ink; safe for kids, safe for the environment. 

How Long Does My Order Take?

 Your Art4Walls wallpaper or wall mural should arrive within 5-10 working days after you place your order, however we cannot accept responsibility for unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Art4walls is Australia’s best value self-adhesive wall paper & mural supplier. For best results visit Art4walls on a desktop / laptop computer to design murals using ourDIY image uploader tool. For inspiration read our How to Decorate Page