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Why Your Cafe Needs a Wall Mural

What makes your business stand out from the crowd? What do your customers think when they first walk through your door? We all know that first impressions count. Our feelings about a place can often be decided in the first couple of minutes of stepping through the door. Our first impressions can give us the ‘warm and fuzzies’ and make us want to stay a while, or make us want to turn around and walk right back out the door.

Why Your Cafe Needs a Wall Mural

Interior designers know this; so do property stylists. It is a fact that good property styling can add literally thousands to the value of your home – a great thing to remember when selling your property. But what about adding to the value of your business? I’m not talking about the sell cost of your business, but rather the everyday value of your business. What is it that your customers and clients value about your business? No doubt great service is important; you need a great product; you need to have a certain expertise, but what else?

 You might know that you have the best coffee in Australia; you might know that your service is fantastic, you might work your butt off 7 days a week, but unfortunately you also know that the café around the corner does a much better trade than you. Why? What’s going on?

What customers repeatedly say about popular businesses is that they love the atmosphere… and that’s why they keep going back.

Creating the right atmosphere and a great first impression is SO important for your business. What do people see when they first walk in your door? Bland and boring? Or something that grabs their attention and makes them want to stay a while?

Would you rather linger in a place with only blank cream walls to look at or walls warm with images of a golden sunrise over a deserted island? Or a crystal clear mountain stream? Or the magnificent skyline over New York? How about a classic 50’s diner? Or a graffitied alleyway ? I think you get my drift.

Combine a stunning Art4Walls wall mural with the right lighting, comfortable chairs, your fabulous service and of course the best coffee and food in Australia and your café will have people queuing out the door. And better yet – they will talk about your business because they will remember the atmosphere;

 “ I will meet you at the coffee shop – you know the one with the fabulous 50’s diner wall mural”.

Now that’s the kind of talk that will add everyday value to your business. 

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