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Wall Murals: What You Should Know

Wall murals and decals are so in these days! And rightly so, because they hold the magical strength to completely transform the look of any space. Murals are relatively older than decals, but advancements in printing technologies have taken the appeal and quality of murals to a whole new level. They are now widely used in homes, offices, cafes and even spaces outside, uplifting the decor and introducing a brand, new touch to the space.

Wall Murals: What You Should Know

Murals are big enough to completely cover an entire wall, adding a wonderful splash of colour and personality to the most beloved spot in your house.

Variety of designs to choose from

Murals are available in so many designs including scenes from the forest, meadows, and mountains. They also feature floral patterns, abstract art, geometric designs, cartoon characters, cars and motivational quotes. Plus, they can be customised, so even if you don’t find something you like, you can design your own wall mural.  

Choose any design you like, and you’ll realise that they not only amplify the decor, but also perk up the entire ambiance of the room. So for instance, if you choose a mural that displays a gushing river and a beautiful countryside, you’ll somehow find more peace in the room. If you go with a mural that has a lot of reds, corals and oranges, you’ll find a kind of energized vibe in the room.

Simple installation process

A wall mural is very much like a wallpaper. The design expands over multiple sheets that are the exact size of your wall.  In some cases, you may require a paste when putting them up on the wall, but not with art4walls murals as they are completely self adhesive. Simply remove the sticky paper on the back side, smooth out the mural on the wall, and then press it firmly. To ensure your mural is completely secure, simply use small push pins in the same colours as your mural along the top edge and your work is complete. And as art4walls murals are also removable, you can change your look with each season if you like - simply peel off, stick the mural onto the original backing sheet ready to restick again wherever and whenever you want. It simply coulld not be any easier.

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