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Wall Murals: Perfecting the Look of Your Space

Wall murals contribute significantly to making any room look beautiful, but if you pair them with the right set of furniture, decorate the room with some pretty elements and play it right with the light, the result will be remarkable. Murals alone can make an impression but pairing them with rest of the decor matters as well.

Wall Murals: Perfecting the Look of Your Space

Great! You’ve finally decided that you are going to cover up that wall behind your bed with a pretty mural. Or maybe you’re targeting your kitchen. Perfect! It is an affordable, yet stunning way to revamp the look of any space. So how do you ensure that you do it exactly right? And is paying attention to the mural the only way that you bring out the decor of your room?

Here are some great tips that can you help you out and would make your visitors jelous.

Be bold... and really bold

Wow, a red coloured wall mural is perfect for the den. And now you really like that set of coffee brown sofas. So you think pairing them up will completely mar the effect of both the mural and the furniture? No way! Learn to experiment and only then will you get it right. It is perfectly fine if you choose dark colours for the wall as well as for the rest of the decor, but then ensure that they blend well together. And like we said, play around with the lights.

And then let’s try the same shades

Contrasting elements stand out but so do rooms done in the same shades of a single or two colours at the most. So, for instance, if you prefer a pink and green floral mural for your child’s bedroom, you can use different shades of pink and green for the rest of the elements as well. The walls and the rooms would gel together resulting in a unified, not to forget impressive look.

Make a mark with patterns

Circles on the walls and checks for the sofa upholstery. Or maybe stripes on the walls and a triangular, geometric design for the furniture. If you want to go with a patterned wall mural, make it pop up by choosing furniture with a complementing pattern. The trick to pulling off this look is to work out a size ratio. Generally, the pattern size of the mural should be greater than that of the furniture.

Work it out with neutrals

Neutral coloured murals introduce calmness and serenity in a room, especially if you pair the rest of the room in neutral shades as well. This brings about an organic feel, completely soothing you down the moment you step into the space.

Bring out the elements of the mural right into the room

What’s the most distinguishing element of your chosen mural? Add that same element to the decor as well. For instance, if your mural shows pretty tulips, how about putting in some real tulips into the vase on the table?

So which idea are you most eager to try out? Do let us know how they worked out for you!

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