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Revamp Your Room with Beautiful, Geometric Wall Murals

Want to give your bedroom a brand new look while only spending a small amount? Wall murals - Inspiringbeautiful and affordable! Murals can spice up any space, not just your bedroom. They are available in a variety of designs, so you’re sure to find something that will complement well with the rest of the décor.

Revamp Your Room with Beautiful, Geometric Wall Murals

Wall murals are durable and simple to install, and even better, they are easily affordable and can be customised in any way that you want to create your own unique space and personality.

So now you know that walls murals are perfect for home decorating, considering the wide range of designs available, which ones would be the best for you?

We  love geometric designs because they are available in so many shapes and sizes, can create optical illusions and feature some beautiful contrasting colours. Here are our favorite geometric style wall mural designs that can give your home a modern and fun look with ease.

Oversized Triangles

The oversized triangular design is most impactful when the triangles take up a large part on your wall, especially if you choose the one behind the bed. Choose designs in bright colours if you want the space to give off feelings of happiness, joy and comfort. Going for light colours will bring in more sophistication and elegance in the room. So decide the kind of feel that you want in the bedroom and accordingly select a wall mural design.

3D Cubes

Think your bedroom is too cramped or small? Add some dimension with a 3D cube wall mural. The 3D effect of the pattern will give your room some depth, making it look bigger and more spacious. Go for a pattern in muted tones of blues or greys to introduce some calmness in the room. To create a relaxing environment, pair off the mural with simple wooden furniture and bedding in neutral shades.

Squares and Diamonds

Want to give your bedroom a trendy and chic look? How about a chequered design, but with a little twist. Instead of choosing something in which all the squares are done in the same colour, choose a design in which each triangle of the square is a different colour for a trendier look. Keep the furniture to a minimum and stick to plain white bedding so that the mural becomes the central focus.

Circles, Circles, Circles

Add some fun and cheekiness to your room with a brightly coloured wall mural featuring solid and hollow circles in pretty shades. Install the mural on a wall over which light falls directly to bring in some friendliness in the room. If you want something sober, then a 3D circuit flower done in soft shades is another great idea. Or go with integrated circles for a modern compelling look. Soft, muted colours will create a peaceful, calm atmosphere.

Subtle Squares

Want a relaxing and soothing element in your bedroom? This soft, blue coloured square design is perfect then. Or you could add in some cyan and turquoise for a trendier look.


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