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How to Create a Man-Cave or a Media Room with Self Adhesive Wall Murals

Like your movies? How about we turn your media room into something truly unique? Art4Walls lets you create a one of a kind home movie theatre with self adhesive wall murals. Choose your favourite movie or better yet pick a few and create a collage wall mural to really set the mood. Lucky enough to have a man-cave? Create the theme with a feature wall mural. Better yet, how about all 4 walls? Sport, horse racing, bikes, surfing - you name it, you can find the perfect image to suit your room at art4walls.


Here's a few THEMES that might help you define the different living areas of your home.

GOING TO THE FLICKS A lot of homes now have rooms purpose built or converted to let you sit back, kick off the shoes and watch a movie. 


If you're a movie buff this might just be the way to go. Turn your media room into a classic old picture show foyer complete with fabulous old posters and photos of the stars from a bygone era.The hardest part will be deciding between "B" grade Sci-Fi or Hollywood "Blockbusters"....decisions decisions.



MEMORY LANE. If you're like most of us you probably have a drawer full of old black and whites just gathering dust ....Why not be creative and turn them into something special ? Change that hallway into a walk down memory lane.
The kids might have grown up and moved out or maybe they're still at home and it's time for a bit of payback ....upload all those growing up photos and create the perfect family collage... and while you're at it you might as well throw in a few pics of the old place before the reno .........memories.

Choose your favourite holiday pics or how about the old black and whites?

Either or, they make a fantastic, one of a kind collage mural.



JUST HAVING A FEW MATES AROUND TO WATCH THE GAME ? I'm sure they're all lovely blokes but do you really want them spilling beer and pizza all over the new lounge?! Why not round 'em all up and herd 'em into the OK corral.
So let's turn those boring walls into a 21st century version of cave paintings.



Bikes, Beer or Boxing it's up to you... Wayne Gardner at Phillip Island...

GTHO Falcon at Bathurst ...Ali vs Frazier or how about some old pub posters.

The super easy to use art4walls web site puts you in control so let's get those creative juices flowing and give it a go .

                                                                          Beer poster from Bigstock


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